Cadet College Khushab Admission 2024 Entry Test Result

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Cadet College Khushab is currently accepting admissions for 7th, 8th, and 9th classes. Students who have completed the 6th grade and are awaiting their results can apply for admission. To access the CC Khushab fee structure, eligibility criteria, application deadline, and entry test information, please visit the official website at Cadet College Khushab offers a diverse and disciplined educational environment, and both male and female students are eligible to apply. More information about Cadet College Khushab can be found in this post.

Cadet College Khushab Admission 2024 Last Date, Fee Structure

Admissions to Cadet College Khushab are typically announced once a year in February, and students from all over Pakistan can apply online. An admission form and processing fee must be submitted by both parents and students.

Topic Cadet College Khushab Admission 2024
Academic Year 2024
Classes 7th, 8th, And 1st Year
Last Date To Apply 2024 Soon Will Updated
Written Test Date 2024 Soon Will Updated
Cadet College Khushab  2024 Prospectus Download
CCK Khushab Official Website

Cadet College Khushab Entry Test Date 2024

Additionally, tuition fees, library funds, and other expenses are incurred annually. After the publication of the merit list, selected candidates will be required to pay their academic fees at a designated bank branch of CC Khushab. Admission notices are made through advertisements in Urdu and English newspapers throughout Pakistan.

Cadet College Khushab 1st Year Admission 2024

Cadet College Khushab provides a complete admission schedule, including the application deadline, eligibility criteria, entry test date, and merit list publication date. All candidates must adhere to this schedule, and passing the entry test is a prerequisite for admission. The entry tests are conducted in various cities, including Sargodha, Khushab, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Multan, and typically commence in March.

Khushab Cadet College 8th Class Admission 2024

For admission to Cadet College Khushab, candidates must purchase an admission prospectus from the college or apply online. Additional requirements are explained on the college’s website, and applicants can contact the Defense Lahore office for more information. It’s also possible to obtain an admission form through TCS, ensuring accessibility for all candidates across Pakistan.

Cadet College Khushab Admission Eligibility Criteria 2024

Cadet College Khushab, a government institution, has undergone numerous developments, including those from the British government. Classes are held in the morning, and the college is known for its focus on physical training, sports, and grooming students. In 2024, the college introduced admissions for Pre School (classes 7, 8, and 9), which require an entrance test. Successful applicants must also undergo an interview or intelligence test at various locations. Admission 2024

The merit list is usually released within 5 to 10 days after the test date, and many Cadet College Khushab students have successfully entered the ISSB. The institution is known for its highly competent staff and emphasis on discipline, and it has received recognition from the government of Punjab.

Cadet College Khushab Fee Structure

Cadet College Khushab is highly regarded and is committed to ensuring students’ physical fitness through activities such as running, jogging, and sports. Additionally, medical tests are conducted, including blood group and HIV tests, to ensure that students are healthy. The entry test covers subjects like English, Urdu, and Mathematics, and candidate eligibility is assessed based on their performance in the entry test, intelligence test, and interview, leading to the final merit list.

Charges at the time of Admission (7th to 10th)
S.No    Fee Head Amount
a. Monthly Fee * Rs.22,000/-
b. Admission Fee (One Time) Rs.20,000/-
c. Development Fund (One Time) Rs.10,000/-
d. Security Deposit (Refundable) ** Rs.15,000/-
e Kit-up and Stationery Charges (Annual) Rs.19,500/-
Total Dues:- Rs. 86,500/-
Charges at the time of Admission (F.Sc)
S.No   Fee Head Amount
a. Monthly Fee * Rs.23,000/-
b. Admission Fee (One Time) Rs.20,000/-
c. Development Fund (One Time) Rs.10,000/-
d. Security Deposit (Refundable) ** Rs.15,000/-
e. Kit-up and Stationery Charges (Annual) Rs.19,500/-
Total Dues:- Rs. 87,500/-

Cadet College Khushab Entry Test Result 2024

Cadet College Khushab is committed to nurturing students’ talents and preparing them for leadership roles in the Pakistan Armed Forces. Eligibility requirements remain the same, except for the age requirement, which is strictly enforced. To be eligible for admission to class 9, applicants must have successfully completed or appeared in class 8 and must not be older than 13 1/2 years as of April 1st. The college also prepares students for secondary and higher-level education through Board exams.

CCKH Entry Test Result Action
7th Class Result Check Online
8th Class Result Check Online
9th Class Result Check Online
10th Class Result Check Online
11th Class Result Check Online
12th Class Result Check Online

Cadet College Khushab Result 2024 Check Online

Cadet College Khushab’s primary mission is to equip students with the skills and leadership qualities necessary to serve as officers in the army. In 2024, the Secondary Section for class 9 will continue, with the promotion of unique students from class 8. If seats are available, they will be filled based on open merit through an entrance test to be held in March.

Khushab Cadet College Merit List 2024

A security deposit of Rs. 15,000 is required and is refundable. Students must pay their fees on time to avoid penalties. If you seek additional information about the college, please feel free to visit our website for informative content. For specific details about the college, you can ask questions in the comment section, and our expert team will respond promptly.

CCKH Annual Examination Result 2024

Test dates are announced well in advance in Urdu and English newspapers, and the institution focuses on behavior, conduct, and physical fitness in its evaluation of students. Established before the partition of the subcontinent, the college initially functioned as a school before gaining formal recognition as a college. In 2024, the college introduced a Secondary Section for class 9, which promotes cadets from class 8. Admission tests are held in March, and there are fifteen other Cadet Colleges in Punjab.

Cadet College Khushab Conatct Number

Address: Khurra, Soon Sakesar Vellay Khushab, Khura, 66090


Phone: 0333 1130440

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