Top Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan 2024

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In this article we will talk about the top rated private medical colleges. After intermediate pre-medical many students wish to become a doctor.  A lot of candidates appear in MDCAT for getting admission in public medical colleges but due to low academic background and poor performance they cannot to do so. Failure students take bothering about impossible to become a doctor and serve for sick community.  There is no need to be worry regarding this we are mentioning here top-rated private medical colleges. You can choose them for career or studying medical education.

Best Private Medical Colleges in Pakistan

College Name Description
Aga Khan University Renowned for its excellence in medical education and research.
Lahore Medical and Dental College Known for its quality medical and dental programs in Lahore.
CMH Lahore Medical College Affiliated with the Combined Military Hospital, providing top-notch medical education.
Shifa Medical College Offers comprehensive medical programs and healthcare training.
Islamabad Medical and Dental College Located in the capital city, offering medical and dental education.
Bahria University Medical and Dental College Part of Bahria University, providing medical and dental courses.
Baqai Medical University Offers diverse healthcare programs and medical research.
Ziauddin Medical University Known for its contributions to healthcare education and research.
Fatima Memorial Hospital of Medicine and Dentistry Offers medical and dental programs with a focus on quality healthcare.
Gandhara University Known for its commitment to medical education and research.
Rashid Latif Medical College Provides medical education and research opportunities.
HBS Medical and Dental College Offers medical and dental courses with a focus on excellence.
Multan Medical and Dental College A reputable institution in Multan for medical and dental education.
Shalamar Medical and Dental College Known for its medical and dental programs and commitment to healthcare excellence.

Jinnah Medical and Dental College Karachi

It is founded in 1998 named founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah in Karachi. Besides MMBS& BDS it offers several undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in medical education.  Nursing specialty, lab technician, and paramedic’s courses are being offered by JMDC. The JMDC is dully approved by PM&DC and HEC.  The University of Karachi, World Health Organization, college of Physician & Surgeon have approved Jinnah Medical College. The affiliated Hospitals are following.

JMDC Associated Hospitals

  1. Medicare and Heart General
  2. LRBT Eye Hospital
  3. Jinnah Medical College & Hospital
  4. Medicare Dental Hospital

Private Madical Colleges List by PMC

Shalimar Medical and Dental College

Shalimar Medical and Dental College is one of the best choices of MBBS & BDS admission seekers in Pakistan. It is offering highly quality of education in medical field since its inception. Dozens of public and private organizations have certified it.  The SMDC is formed in 2009 as private sector in Lahore. Every year it opens 150 admission opportunities of MBBS and BDS.

SMDC Associated Hospitals

  1. Shalimar Hospital
  2. Fuji Foundation Hospital

Rashid Latif Medical College

The Rashid Latif Medical College was laid down in 2010 in Lahore as a private. The college is a brand in medical education and is producing highly competent and profession in medical graduate. Especially it is a unique name in MBBS, BDS, & Pharam D. However, it has started other programs such as BS, Medical Laboratory Technician, Nutrition, and Medical Imaging Technology. Fellow organizations names are WHO, UHS, PMDC, and WHO Medical Directory.

RLMC linked Hospital  

  1. Arif Memorial Hospital

Shifa College of Medicine

Shifa Medical College is located in Islamabad Since 1998. It is a project of Shifa Tameer E Milt University Islamabad. The college offers MBBS, BDS, and other undergraduate programs. It hands over the clinical experience to students rather than bookish things. The PMDC and joint commission International have authorized it. The Shifa International Hospital is a part of Shifa College of Medicine.

Fazaia Medical College

Fazaia Medical College Islamabad is formed in 2015 and since then it is providing highly standard of medical education. MBBS & BDS both main courses are offered in Fazaia Medical College. It is a project of Pakistan Air Force.

Islamabad Medical and Dental College

Islamabad Medical and Dental College was established in 2007 near the Margalla Hills of Islamabad. It is part of Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto University. But it has gained its own reputation through its academic achievements. All main Health-related foundations have accredited it. It opens every year admissions for Nursing, MD, BDS, MBBS, Pharma D, and Physical therapy.

  1. Social Security Hospital
  2. Ahmed Medical Complex
  3. Islamabad Dental Hospital (IDH)
  4. Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital (DANTH)
  5. St Joseph’s Hospice, Rawalpindi

 Gandhara University, Peshawar

Gandhara University Peshawar is another prominent name of Medical teaching place. There are various advanced medical courses taught such as Physiotherapy, pharmacy, Clinical Psychology, Nursing, and dentistry. All Pakistan and UNO medical authorities have approved Gandhara University Peshawar. The list of Gandhara University Peshawar-associated Hospitals is below.

  1. Sardar Begum Dental Hospital
  2. Gandhara College of Pharmacy
  3. Khyber Medical College Peshawar
  4. Answer Teaching Hospital

Wah Medical College

It is located in Islamabad since 2002 under Pakistan Ordnance Factories Welfare Trust. All major medical courses are offered by WMC. The POF Hospital is place where medical learners of WMC practice and its fellowship institution is NUMS Rawalpindi. Every year it hosts to national and international students.

 Multan Medical and Dental College

Multan Medical College is a topmost rated college due to its high standard of education. It facilities the opportunities to learners experience of practical. Ibn-e-Siena Hospital Multan provides a lot of training opportunities to MBBS & BDS aspirants. Pakistan Health Ministry, PMDC, and WHO have approved it. It provides admission in its limitation of slots in BDS & MBBS.

PMC MDCAT Result Merit List

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